Boys to Men?

We have all heard the sayings ‘don’t be a big girls blouse’, ‘boys don’t cry’, ‘man up’ or something similar every time a boy expresses some kind of emotion or sadness. What happens if we don’t allow our sons to show emotion? how do they end up releasing it? – I for one am extremely... Continue Reading →


From societal norms to body positive…

So, I’m on a day off from work. I go into the front room and switch on the TV to put on a rubbish movie (anyone who knows me, knows that I love bad films. Like Channel 5, Christmas films, bad) and an advert comes on. It depicted a group of confident women with beautiful... Continue Reading →

Red Flags

We all meet people and think we know them.  The truth is, we see what we want to see. If we want to see nothing but goodness in a person, then that's what we ll see. If we want to see nothing but darkness in a person , then that's what we see. I've always... Continue Reading →

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